Marina tasarım ilkeleri ve kemer marinası.

Örs (Erden), Hülya


Spatial probabilistic evaluation of sea bottom soil properties and its effect on foundation design
Oğuz, Emir Ahmet; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Department of Civil Engineering (2017)
The spatial correlation length (SCL), or the scale of fluctuation, is a parameter for describing the spatial variability of a soil property and is one of the important parameters used in random field theory. Studies reporting the SCL of soil properties of offshore/nearshore soils are rather limited in the literature. In this study, the vertical SCL is determined using site investigation data from two nearshore and one large offshore sites in Turkish waters. In nearshore sites, a total of 41 boreholes and St...
Noise assessment of shipyard workers
Can, Özgün; Birlik, Gülin; Department of Engineering Sciences (2008)
Noise is one of the most important health risks in workplaces worldwide and NIOSH identified noise as one of the 10 important occupational problems. In OSHA's hearing conservation amendment it is stated that in U.S., more than 5 million workers are exposed to potentially hazardous levels of noise in manufacturing and utilities. In 1981 OSHA estimated that, at least one million workers in industry had undergone occupational hearing loss. Ship building has been one of the most promising and rapidly growing in...
Yat Limanı Çekek Sahasında Dinamik Sıkıştırma ile Zemin İyileştirmesi
Öner, Lale; Kurt Bal, Ece; Çetin, Kemal Önder (2022-09-29)
Guidance and control of a submarine-launched cruise missile
Köklücan, Semih; Leblebicioğlu, M. Kemal.; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
A typical mission profile of submarine-launched cruise missiles begins with the launch phase which covers the motion of the missile from the launch to the water-exit and continues with the boost phase which lasts from the water-exit to the beginning of the cruise phase. In order to achieve the desired range of the launch and boost phases, efficient utilization of available energy which carries the missile to the beginning of the cruise phase is necessary. For this purpose, this study presents a new approach...
Cost-effective fault tolerant routing in networks on chip
Adanova, Venera; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; Department of Computer Engineering (2008)
Growing complexity of Systems on Chip (SoC) introduces interconnection problems. As a solution for communication bottleneck the new paradigm, Networks on Chip (NoC), has been proposed. Along with high performance and reliability, NoC brings in area and energy constraints. In this thesis we mainly concentrate on keeping communication-centric design environment fault-tolerant while considering area overhead. The previous researches suggest the adoption solution for fault-tolerance from multiprocessor architec...
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H. Örs (Erden), “Marina tasarım ilkeleri ve kemer marinası.,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.