Mehmet Çalışkan

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Geleneksel ahşap çatkı duvarların ses iletim özellikleri ve mevcut durumu iyileştirmeye yönelik öneriler
Erdil, Meltem; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Çalışkan, Mehmet (TMMOB Mimarlar Odası Ankara Şubesi; 2018-12-06)
Ankara’da bulunan üç geleneksel ahşap çatkı konuta ait iç duvar bileşenlerinin hava ile yayılan ses iletim özellikleri yerinde akustik ölçümler ve bilgisayar modelleme analizleri ile incelenmiştir. Mevcut iç duvar bileş...
Three dimensional axisymmetric sound propagation through a duct with aerosol
Arslan, Ersen; Çalışkan, Mehmet; Özyörük, Yusuf (Elsevier BV, 2018-11-10)
The aim of this study is to develop solutions for the propagation of spinning sound waves in air-filled circular ducts containing water droplets (regarded as an aerosol). There exist several theoretical approaches in liter...
Assessment of Acoustical Indicators in Multi-domed Historic Structures by Non-exponential Energy Decay Analysis
GÜL, ZÜHRE SÜ; Çalışkan, Mehmet; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Xiang, Ning (2018-08-01)
The key concern of this study is to discuss the reliable acoustical metrics for analyzing particular sound fields within monumental multi-domed sacred spaces with an emphasis on multiple sound energy decay formation. The p...
Diffusion Equation-Based Finite Element Modeling of a Monumental Worship Space
Gul, Zuhre Su; Xiang, Ning; Çalışkan, Mehmet (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2017-12-01)
In this work, a diffusion equation model (DEM) is applied to a room acoustics case for in-depth sound field analysis. Background of the theory, the governing and boundary equations specifically applicable to this study are...
Perforated Panel System Proposal for Variable Acoustic Solutions
Eşmebaşı, Merve; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Çalışkan, Mehmet (null; 2017-08-30)
In this paper, a variable acoustic system proposal which provides a flexible adaptation range for different functions or audience sizes is investigated. In order to achieve the aimed variable acoustic system, perforated pa...
A Discussion on the Acoustics of Süleymaniye Mosque for its original state
Sü Gül, Zühre; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Çalışkan, Mehmet (null; 2017-07-06)
Numerical Analysis of One-Dimensional Sound Propagation Through a Duct Containing Water Droplets
Arslan, Ersen; Özyörük, Yusuf; Çalışkan, Mehmet (2017-03-01)
In this paper sound propagation through an air-filled circular duct containing water droplets has been studied by solving numerically one-dimensional linearized Euler equations in frequency domain. Interactions between the...
Standing wave acoustic levitation on an annular plate
Kandemir, Mehmet Hakan; Çalışkan, Mehmet (2016-11-10)
In standing wave acoustic levitation technique, a standing wave is formed between a source and a reflector. Particles can be attracted towards pressure nodes in standing waves owing to a spring action through which particl...
A Correlation Improvement Technique for Model Updating of Structures
Altunel, Fatih; Celik, Mehmet; Çalışkan, Mehmet (2016-10-01)
This study proposes a new correlation improvement technique for the optimum node removal location to get improved modal assurance criterion (MAC) matrix. The technique is applied to updating of the finite element model (FE...
Sound transmission analyses of impacts of wall renovation for traditional timber framed dwellings
Erdil, Meltem; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Çalışkan, Mehmet (null; 2016-08-21)
Increase in complaints of residents about noise problems in traditional timber-framed dwellings in Turkey has necessitated identification of sound transmission problems. The airborne sound transmission characteristics o...
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