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SHREC'16 track: Shape retrieval of low-cost RGB-D captures

Pascoal, Pedro B.
Proença, Pedro
Gaspar, Filipe
Dias, Miguel Sales
Ferreira, Alfredo
Tatsuma, Atsushi
Aono, Masaki
Logoglu, K. Berker
Kalkan, Sinan
Temizel, Alptekin
Li, Bo
Johan, Henry
Lu, Yijuan
Seib, Viktor
Link, Norman
Paulus, Dietrich
RGB-D cameras allow to capture digital representations of objects in an easy and inexpensive way. Such technology enables ordinary users to capture everyday object into digital 3D representations. In this context, we present a track for the Shape Retrieval Contest, which focus on objects digitized using the latest version of Microsoft Kinect, namely, Kinect One. The proposed, track encompasses a dataset of two hundred objects and respective classification.