Multi-frame knowledge based text enhancement for mobile phone captured videos

Ozarslan, Suleyman
Eren, Pekin Erhan
In this study, we explore automated text recognition and enhancement using mobile phone captured videos of store receipts. We propose a method which includes Optical Character Resolution ( OCR) enhanced by our proposed Row Based Multiple Frame Integration (RB-MFI), and Knowledge Based Correction (KBC) algorithms. In this method, first, the trained OCR engine is used for recognition; then, the RB-MFI algorithm is applied to the output of the OCR. The RB-MFI algorithm determines and combines the most accurate rows of the text outputs extracted by using OCR from multiple frames of the video. After RB-MFI, KBC algorithm is applied to these rows to correct erroneous characters. Results of the experiments show that the proposed video-based approach which includes the RB-MFI and the KBC algorithm increases the word character recognition rate to 95%, and the character recognition rate to 98%.


Text recognition and correction for automated data collection by mobile devices
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