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Creatinine Deiminase Adsorption onto Silicalite-Modified pH-FET for Creation of New Creatinine-Sensitive Biosensor

Marchenko, Svitlana V.
Soldatkin, Oleksandr O.
Kasap, Berna Ozansoy
Akata Kurç, Burcu
Soldatkin, Alexei P.
Dzyadevych, Sergei V.
In the work, silicalite particles were used for the surface modification of pH-sensitive field-effect transistors (pH-FETs) with the purpose of developing new creatinine-sensitive biosensor. Creatinine deiminase (CD) adsorbed on the surface of silicalite-coated pH-FET served as a bioselective membrane. The biosensor based on CD immobilized in glutaraldehycie vapor (GA) was taken as control. The creatinine-sensitive biosensor obtained by adsorption on silicalite was shown to have better analytical characteristics (two-to threefold increased sensitivity to creatinine, three-to fourfold lesser response and recovery times, a decrease of the detection limit of creatinine determination to 5 mu m, etc.).