A semiotic analysis of Siteler.

Hazar, Lale


A Survey on Hilbert Spaces and Reproducing Kernels
Okutmuştur, Baver (IntechOpen, 2020-02-01)
The main purpose of this chapter is to provide a brief review of Hilbert space with its fundamental features and introduce reproducing kernels of the corresponding spaces. We separate our analysis into two parts. In the first part, the basic facts on the inner product spaces including the notion of norms, pre-Hilbert spaces, and finally Hilbert spaces are presented. The second part is devoted to the reproducing kernels and the related Hilbert spaces which is called the reproducing kernel Hilbe...
A survey on embedding rings in skew fields.
Yılmaz, Abdurrahim; Department of Mathematics (1973)
A comparative study on confinement models for concrete.
Korkmaz, Sadettin; Department of Civil Engineering (1992)
Dosi, Anar (2017-01-01)
The present paper is devoted to multinormed von Neumann algebras. We pick up basic facts on von Neumann algebras to introduce their locally convex versions. A key construction in this direction is a central topology of a von Neumann algebra. Every multinormed von Neumann algebra can be realized as a local von Neumann algebra on a certain domain in a Hilbert space. It admits the predual (unique up to an isometry), which is an l(1)-normed space. As the main result we describe multinormed L-infinity- algebras ...
A comparative study on polygonal mesh simplification algorithms
Yirci, Murat; Ulusoy, İlkay; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
Polygonal meshes are a common way of representing 3D surface models in many different areas of computer graphics and geometry processing. However, these models are becoming more and more complex which increases the cost of processing these models. In order to reduce this cost, mesh simplification algorithms are developed. Another important property of a polygonal mesh model is that whether it is regular or not. Regular meshes have many advantages over the irregular ones in terms of memory requirements, effi...
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L. Hazar, “A semiotic analysis of Siteler.,” Middle East Technical University, 1983.