Top down visual search in Wimmelbild

Tarı, Zehra Sibel
Wimmelbild which means "teeming figure picture" is a popular genre of visual puzzles. Abundant masses of small figures are brought together in complex arrangements to make one scene in a Wimmelbild. It is picture hunt game. We discuss what type of computations/processes could possibly underlie the solution of the discovery of figures that are hidden due to a distractive influence of the context. One thing for sure is that the processes are unlikely to be purely bottom-up. One possibility is to re-arrange parts and see what happens. As this idea is linked to creativity, there are abundant examples of unconventional part re-organization in modern art. A second possibility is to define what to look for. That is to formulate the search as a top-down process. We address top-down visual search in Wimmelbild with the help of diffuse distance and curvature coding fields.
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