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Locating the TeV gamma-rays from the shell regions of Cassiopeia A

Saha, Lab
Ergin, Tülün
Majumdar, Pratik
Bozkurt, Mustafa
We have analyzed Chandra X-ray data from different parts of the shell of young supernova remnant (SNR) in the energy range of 0.7 - 8 keV. We observed that X-ray flux level varies over different shell regions of the source. Implications of X-ray observation will be discussed here. We also analyzed Fermi-LAT data in the energy range 0.5 - 50 GeV for the source. The differential spectrum obtained in this way fits with simple power-law. We also present here multi-wavelength modeling of the source considering archival radio and TeV data along with Chandra and Fermi-LAT data.