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COP trends for ideal thermal wave adsorption cooling cycles with enhancements

Taylan, Onur
Baker, Derek Keıth
Models are presented for ideal thermal wave adsorption cooling cycles without mass recovery, with adiabatic mass recovery and with isothermal mass recovery. Coefficient of performance (COP) values obtained from simulations are compared with the results of a reversible cycle and previously developed models for a simple cycle and heat recovery cycle with two spatially isothermal beds (2SIB). The effects of maximum and minimum bed temperatures, bed's dead mass, and condensation and evaporation temperatures on COP were investigated. The thermal wave cycle has significantly higher COP's than the simple and 2SIB cycles. For the conditions investigated, adding mass recovery to the thermal wave cycle does not affect its COP significantly. The COP of the thermal wave cycle increases with increasing maximum bed and evaporation temperatures and decreasing minimum bed and condensation temperatures. Unlike for the simple and 2SIB cycles, variations in the bed's dead mass have minimal impact on COP. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd and IIR. All rights reserved.