A semantical analysis of the concepts of spirit and soul in Islamic philosophy

Açar, Halilrahman


A philosophical analysis of computational modeling in cognitive science
Ürgen, Burcu Ayşen; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2007)
This study analyses the methodology of computational cognitive modeling as one of the ways of conducting research in cognitive science. The aim of the study is to provide an understanding of the place of computational cognitive models in understanding human cognition. Considering the vast number of computational cognitive models which have been just given to account for some cognitive phenomenon by solely simulating some experimental study and fitting to empirical data, a practice-oriented approach is adopt...
A philosophical assessment of computational models of consciousness
Gok, Selvi Elif; Sayan, Erdinc (2012-07-01)
There has been a recent flurry of activity in consciousness research. Although an operational definition of consciousness has not yet been developed, philosophy has come to identify a set of features and aspects that are thought to be associated with the various elements of consciousness. On the other hand, there have been several recent attempts to develop computational models of consciousness that are claimed to capture or illustrate one or more aspects of consciousness. As a plausible substitute to evalu...
A sociological analysis of religious educational institutions, policies and discourses in Egypt
Aşık, Mehmet Ozan; Erdemir, Aykan; Department of Middle East Studies (2007)
In thesis, I intended to sociologically examine the perceptions and practices of the state and different Islamist groups about the religious education in Egypt from the 1970s onwards. I define the religious education as a religious course to which several hours a week are devoted in the curriculum of mass education, and which teaches moral instructions based on the Qur'an, and basic information about Islamic culture and history. Since the 1970s, the rise of Islamism in Egypt has created strife between the r...
A comparative study of evolutionary network design
Kalkan, Sinan; Şehitoğlu, Onur Tolga; Üçoluk, Göktürk; Department of Computer Engineering (2003)
In network design, a communication network is optimized for a given set of parameters like cost, reliability and delay. This study analyzes network design problem using Genetic Algorithms in detail and makes comparison of different approaches and representations. Encoding of a problem is one of the most crucial design choices in Genetic Algorithms. For network design problem, this study compares adjacency matrix representation with list of edges representation. Also, another problem is defining a fair fitne...
A study on the idea of freedom in Kant's critical philosophy
Duran, İsmail; İnam, Ahmet; Department of Philosophy (1999)
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H. Açar, “A semantical analysis of the concepts of spirit and soul in Islamic philosophy,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.