Simulations of Ethylene and Hydrogen Combustions in Scramjet Combustor

Rouzbar, Ramin
Eyi, Sinan


Simulations of Sound Radiation from Turbofan Exhausts
Ulusoy, Barbaros; Özyörük, Yusuf (null; 2005-08-22)
Simulations of biological production in the Rhodes and Ionian basins of the eastern Mediterranean
Napolitano, E; Oguz, T; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P; Yılmaz, Ayşen; Sansone, E (2000-03-01)
The biological production characteristics of the Rhodes and western Ionian basins of the eastern Mediterranean are studied by a one-dimensional, coupled physical-biological model. Tbe biological model involves single aggregated compartments of phytoplankton, zooplankton, detritus as well as ammonium and nitrate forms of the inorganic nitrogen. It interacts with the physical model through the vertical eddy diffusivity which is calculated using the Mellor-Yamada level 2.5 turbulence parameterization. The mode...
Simulations of the Black Sea pelagic ecosystem by 1-D, vertically resolved, physical-biochemical models
Oguz, T; Ducklow, HW; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P; Murray, JW (Wiley, 1998-09-01)
The present paper summarizes the results of several simulations of the central Black Sea pelagic food web using three different 1-D, physical-biochemical, water column process models. The most simplified, five-compartment version is used to explore the robust biological features of the ecosystem and the role of upper-layer physics on the evolution of the euphotic zone biological processes. The other models, introducing additional biological complexities, show how these biologically structured models become ...
Simulation of continuous boric acid slurry reactors in series by microfluid and macrofluid models
Cakal, Gaye O.; Eroğlu, İnci; Oezkar, Saim (Elsevier BV, 2007-08-01)
Growth kinetics of gypsum during dissolution of colemanite with particle size less than 150 pm in aqueous sulfuric acid was studied in a batch reactor at 85 degrees C with a stirring rate of 400 rpm and initial CaO/SO42- ratio of 1.0. Kinetic data obtained from batch reactors was used to predict calcium ion concentration in continuous reactors by macrofluid and microfluid models. Model predictions were tested by experiments in four CFSSR in series each having mean residence time of 20 or 60 min. Calcium ion...
Simulations of phytoplankton species and carbon production in the equatorial Pacific Ocean 1. Model configuration and ecosystem dynamics
Salihoğlu, Barış (2007-03-01)
The primary objective of this research is to investigate phytoplankton community response to variations in physical forcing and biological processes in the Cold Tongue region of the equatorial Pacific Ocean at ON, 140W. This research objective was addressed using a one-dimensional multicomponent lower trophic level ecosystem model that includes detailed algal physiology, such as spectrally-dependent photosynthetic processes and iron limitation on algal growth. The ecosystem model is forced by a one-year (19...
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