Ayşe Ayata

Department of Political Science and Public Administration
The State and Women’s Organizations in Turkey: An Irreversible Distance or Total Embeddedness?
Aybars, Ayşe İdil; Ayata, Ayşe (Elsevier BV, 2019-03-01)
<div class="page" title="Page 1" style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"><div class="layoutArea"><div class="column"><p><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: TimesNewRomanPSMT;">This study examines the development of t...
Gender Politics of the AKP: Restoration of a Religio-conservative Gender Climate
Ayata, Ayşe; Doğangün, Huriye Gökten (2017-01-01)
Under the rule of the AKP, gender politics draws a contradictory picture. Although significant legal advances have been achieved in harmony with international conventions, gender equality has not been fully attained. With ...
Critical acts without a critical mass: The substantive representation of women in the Turkish parliament
Ayata, Ayşe; Tuetuencue, Fatma (2008-07-01)
Drawing upon in-depth interviews with 20 women MPs and parliamentary debates during the amendment of the Turkish Civil and Penal Codes, we elaborate on the possibility and conditions of women's impact on politics without t...
Party Politics of the AKP (2002-2007) and the Predicaments of Women at the Intersection of the Westernist, Islamist and Feminist Discourses in Turkey
Ayata, Ayşe; Tuetuencue, Fatma (2008-01-01)
Celebrating the World Women's Day and initiating a conference for promoting Turkey's integration to Europe on the one hand, and discussing the discrimination against women on the ground of human rights and even harbouring ...
Democracy and Gender Politics in Central Asian Republics’
Ayata, Ayşe (2008-01-01)
The Center‐Left Parties in Turkey
Ayata, Ayşe (2007-05-01)
Women in academic rheumatology
Lundberg, Ingrid E.; ÖZEN, SEZA; Ayata, Ayşe; Kaplan, Mariana J. (Wiley, 2005-03-01)
Eurasian Studies in Turkey
Ayata, Ayşe; Kahveci, Hayriye; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık (2004-04-04)
Chci, aby se má dcera měla lépe: aneb ženy v Turecku
Ayata, Ayşe (2004-01-01)
Eurasian Studies in Turkey
Ayata, Ayşe (2004-01-01)
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