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Department of Chemical Engineering
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A potential catalyst for continuous methane partial oxidation to methanol using N2O: Cu-SSZ-39
Memioglu, Ozgun; İpek Torun, Bahar (2021-02-01)
Continuous catalytic methanol production from methane is reported on Cu-SSZ-39 using N2O as an oxidant. Through optimization of CH4, N2O and H2O partial pressures, a methanol formation rate of 499 mu molCH3OH g-1 h-1 and a...
Remarkable isosteric heat of hydrogen adsorption on Cu(I)-exchanged SSZ-39
İpek Torun, Bahar; Altiparmak, Ismihan (Elsevier BV, 2020-12-01)
Hydrogen storage capacity on Cu(I)-exchanged SSZ-39 (AEI), -SSZ-13 (CHA) and Ultra stable-Y (USeY, FAU) at temperatures between 279 K and 304 K are investigated. The gravimetric hydrogen storage capacity values reaching 83...
One-step synthesis of hierarchical [B]-ZSM-5 using cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as mesoporogen
Yalcin, Busra Karakaya; İpek Torun, Bahar (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2020-01-01)
One-step facile synthesis of boron containing ZSM-5 microspheres is developed using 1,6-diaminohexane as the structure-directing agent and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as the mesoporogen. High boron incorporation up to S...
H-2 adsorption on Cu(I)-ZSM-5: Exploration of Cu(I)-exchange in solution
Altıparmak, İsmihan; Karakaya, Büşra; Üner, Deniz; İpek Torun, Bahar (Elsevier BV, 2019-07-12)
A new Cu(I)-exchange method for zeolites in liquid media (acetonitrile) was developed with Cu/Al ratios surpassing 0.5 with ZSM-5 crystals containing pure Cu(I) cations without impurities such as Cl ions. The method result...
H2 Storage at Ambient Temperature using Cu(I)-SSZ-39
İpek Torun, Bahar; Altiparmak, Ismihan; Üner, Deniz (2019-06-23)
Hydrogen storage capacities of transition metal cation exchanged zeolites; i.e., Cu(I)-SSZ-39 and Cu(I)-US-Y, were tested at temperatures between 279 K and 304 K and at pressures up to 1 bar. The hydrogen capacity values w...
H-2 Adsorption on Cu(I)-SSZ-13
İpek Torun, Bahar; Pollock, Rachel A.; Brown, Craig M.; Üner, Deniz; Lobo, Raul F. (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2018-01-11)
We report H-2 adsorption capacities reaching 0.05 wt % at 303 K and at 1 atm H-2 pressure on solid-state CuCl-exchanged [Al]-SSZ-13 and [B]-SSZ-13 zeolites. Differential heat of H-2 adsorption is found in the range between...
Catalytic conversion of methane to methanol on Cu-SSZ-13 using N2O as oxidant
İpek Torun, Bahar; Lobo, R. F. (2016-01-01)
Direct catalytic methanol production from methane is achieved on Cu-SSZ-13 zeolite catalysts using N2O as the oxidant. The methanol production rate on Cu-SSZ-13 (on a per gram basis) was more than twice the rate on Cu-mord...
Methane to Methanol Conversion on Copper- Containing Small-Pore Zeolites
İpek Torun, Bahar; Wulfers, Matthew J; Teketel, Shewangizaw; Lobo, Raul F (2015-03-22)
Rotational dynamics of organic cations in the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite
Chen, Tianran; Foley, Benjamin J.; İpek Torun, Bahar; TYAGI, Madhusudan; COPLEY, John R. D.; BROWN, Craig M.; Choi, Joshua J.; Lee, Seung-Hun (2015-01-01)
Methylammonium lead iodide (CH3NH3PbI3) based solar cells have shown impressive power conversion efficiencies of above 20%. However, the microscopic mechanism of the high photovoltaic performance is yet to be fully underst...
CO2 utilisation by photocatalytic conversion to methane and methanol
Üner, Deniz; Oymak, Mert Mehmet; İpek Torun, Bahar (Inderscience Publishers, 2011-01-01)
In this paper we intend to give a broad overview of natural and artificial photosynthesis systems. We point out seven orders of magnitude difference of the rates of water splitting between natural and state of the art arti...
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