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Department of Geological Engineering
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Genişlemeli Bölgelerde Oluşan Transfer Fayların Gerinim Analizi: Mikropolar Teori ile Çıkarımlar
Tokay, Bülent; Bozkurt, Erdin (2021-04-26)
Transfer faults are generally identified as transversely oriented discrete faults linking normal fault segments in extensional tectonic settings. The presence of the transfer faults in fault networks provides displacement ...
Greece and Turkey Shaken by African tectonic retreat
Meng, Jiannan; Sinoplu, Ozan; Zhou, Zhipeng; Tokay, Bülent; Kusky, Timothy; Bozkurt, Erdin; Wang, Lu (2021-03-01)
Earthquakes are a consequence of the motions of the planet's tectonic plates, yet predicting when and where they may occur, and how to prepare remain some of the shortcomings of using scientific knowledge to protect human ...
Structural, lithological, and geodynamic controls on geothermal activity in the Menderes geothermal Province (Western Anatolia, Turkey)
Roche, Vincent; Bouchot, Vincent; Beccaletto, Laurent; Jolivet, Laurent; Guillou-Frottier, Laurent; Tuduri, Johann; Bozkurt, Erdin; Oguz, Kerem; Tokay, Bülent (2019-02-01)
Western Turkey belongs to the regions with the highest geothermal potential in the world, resulting in significant electricity production from geothermal resources located predominantly in the Menderes Massif. Although geo...
Genişlemeli Tektonik Ortamlarda Transfer Fayları Oluşturan Gerilme Koşulları: Ters Çözüm Yaklaşımı
Tokay, Bülent; Bozkurt, Erdin (null; 2018-11-05)
Preliminary Results from Eastmed-Paleotsunami Project: Paleotsunamı Records of Ölüdeniz Lagoon (Fethiye)
Avşar, Ulaş; Bozkurt, Erdin; Tokay, Bülent (2018-04-27)
Avşar, Ulaş; Bozkurt, Erdin; Tokay, Bülent (2018-04-27)
Sedimentary Paleotsunami Records from the Lagoons along the Southern Coasts of Turkey
Avşar, Ulaş; Bozkurt, Erdin; Tokay, Bülent (2018-04-13)
The historical records mention 17 damaging tsunamis during the last 2500 years in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, the number of researches presenting complete and continuous sedimentary records of past tsunamis in the ...
Fault-Hydrothermal Fluid Relationships in Grabens
Tokay, Bülent; Bozkurt, Erdin (2018-01-30)
Güney Ege ve Levant denizlerinde bir paleotsunami kronolojisine doğru: EASTMED PALEOTSUNAMI Projesi
Avşar, Ulaş; Bozkurt, Erdin; Tokay, Bülent (null; 2016-10-15)
Towards a paleotsunami chronology in the southern Aegean and Levantine seas, Eastern Mediterranean: EASTMED-PALEOTSUNAMI
Avşar, Ulaş; Bozkurt, Erdin; Tokay, Bülent (null; 2016-10-03)
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