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Department of Physics
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Synchronization of chaos in semiconductor gas discharge model with local mean energy approximation
Akhmet, Marat; Yeşil, Cihan; Başkan, Kağan (2023-02-01)
The delta synchronization is a useful method to analyze appearance of chaotic synchronization in gas discharge systems. In recent studies, the generalized synchronization method has been implemented in various gas discharg...
Delta synchronization of Poincare chaos in gas discharge-semiconductor systems
Akhmet, Marat; Baskan, Kagan; Yeşil, Cihan (2022-08-01)
We introduce a new type of chaos synchronization, specifically the delta synchronization of Poincare chaos. The method is demonstrated for the irregular dynamics in coupled gas discharge-semiconductor systems (GDSSs). It i...
Transition from periodic to chaotic oscillations in a planar gas discharge-semiconductor system
Yuan, Chengxun; Yeşil, Cihan; Yao, Jingfeng; Zhou, Zhongxiang; Rafatov, İsmail (IOP Publishing, 2020-06-01)
The work studies the transition from periodic to chaotic oscillations in a dc-driven planar gas discharge with a high-ohmic electrode. The applied voltage and resistance of the semiconductor layer act as control parameters...
Revealing Laser Crystallization Mechanism of Silicon Thin Films via Pulsed IR Lasers
Çlnar, Kamil; Yeşil, Cihan; Bek, Alpan (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2020-01-01)
Pulsed laser absorption-mediated explosive crystallization of silicon films has extensively been studied using microscopy techniques on single laser pulse-irradiated regions in the literature. In this work, we experimental...
Transition to Chaos in Planar Gas Discharge-Semiconductor System in Nitrogen: Effect of Fluid Modelling Approach
Yeşil, Cihan; Rafatov, İsmail (null; 2019-09-02)
Focusing Light Through Scattering Medium
Kürekci, Şahin; Yeşil, Cihan; Yüce, Emre (2018-8-14)
Transition from homogeneous stationary to oscillating state in planar gas discharge-semiconductor system in nitrogen: Effect of fluid modelling approach
Rafatov, İsmail; Yeşil, Cihan (2018-08-01)
A laterally extended dc-driven system of planar gas discharge with a high-ohmic semiconductor electrode is considered. Numerical models are based on the fluid equations of plasma with drift-diffusion approximation for part...
Revealing Chaos Synchronization Below the Threshold in Coupled Mackey–Glass Systems
Akhmet, Marat; Başkan, Kağan; Yeşil, Cihan (2023-07-01)
This study presents a novel concept in chaos synchronization, delta synchronization of chaos, which reveals the presence of chaotic models evolving in unison even in the absence of generalized synchronization. Building upo...
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