Cihan Yeşil

Department of Physics
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Delta synchronization of Poincare chaos in gas discharge-semiconductor systems
Akhmet, Marat; Baskan, Kagan; Yeşil, Cihan (2022-08-01)
We introduce a new type of chaos synchronization, specifically the delta synchronization of Poincare chaos. The method is demonstrated for the irregular dynamics in coupled gas discharge-semiconductor systems (GDSSs). It i...
Transition from periodic to chaotic oscillations in a planar gas discharge-semiconductor system
Yuan, Chengxun; Yeşil, Cihan; Yao, Jingfeng; Zhou, Zhongxiang; Rafatov, İsmail (IOP Publishing, 2020-06-01)
The work studies the transition from periodic to chaotic oscillations in a dc-driven planar gas discharge with a high-ohmic electrode. The applied voltage and resistance of the semiconductor layer act as control parameters...
Revealing Laser Crystallization Mechanism of Silicon Thin Films via Pulsed IR Lasers
Çlnar, Kamil; Yeşil, Cihan; Bek, Alpan (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2020-01-01)
Pulsed laser absorption-mediated explosive crystallization of silicon films has extensively been studied using microscopy techniques on single laser pulse-irradiated regions in the literature. In this work, we experimental...
Transition to Chaos in Planar Gas Discharge-Semiconductor System in Nitrogen: Effect of Fluid Modelling Approach
Yeşil, Cihan; Rafatov, İsmail (null; 2019-09-02)
Focusing Light Through Scattering Medium
Kürekci, Şahin; Yeşil, Cihan; Yüce, Emre (2018-8-14)
Transition from homogeneous stationary to oscillating state in planar gas discharge-semiconductor system in nitrogen: Effect of fluid modelling approach
Rafatov, İsmail; Yeşil, Cihan (2018-08-01)
A laterally extended dc-driven system of planar gas discharge with a high-ohmic semiconductor electrode is considered. Numerical models are based on the fluid equations of plasma with drift-diffusion approximation for part...
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