Dilara Gündoğdu

Department of Chemistry
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The effect of polyacid on the physical and biological properties of chitosan based layer-by-layer films
Saracogullari, Nihan; Gündoğdu, Dilara; Özdemir, Fatma Neslihan; Soyer, Yeşim; Erel Göktepe, İrem (2021-05-01)
This study aimed to understand the structure-property relationship in chitosan (CHI) based layer-by-layer (LbL) films and to correlate the surface properties with the biological characteristics of the multilayers. LbL film...
Small Variations in Deposition Conditions of Block Copolymer Micellar Multilayers Provide Distinct Changes in Release Properties
Gündoğdu, Dilara; Bütün, Vural; Erel Göktepe, İrem (2018-09-12)
Effect of Film Deposition Conditions on the Properties of Multilayer Films of a Dual Responsive Block Copolymer Micelle
Gündoğdu, Dilara; BÜTÜN, VURAL; Erel Göktepe, İrem (2017-08-24)
Effect of Branching of the Coronal Chains of a Polymeric Micelle on pH Triggered Release of an Anticancer Drug from Multilayer Thin Films
Gündoğdu, Dilara; Erel Göktepe, İrem; Bütün, Vural (2016-09-16)
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