Gökçen Deniz Alıcı

Department of Physics
Entropy in Born-Infeld gravity
Alıcı, Gökçen Deniz; Kürekci, Şahin; Tekin, Bayram (2017-12-28)
There is a class of higher derivative gravity theories that are in some sense natural extensions of cosmological Einstein's gravity with a unique maximally symmetric classical vacuum and only a massless spin-2 excitation a...
Nonlinear modelling and control of the flow over aerofoils using CFD simulations
Karaca, H. D.; Alıcı, Gökçen Deniz; KASNAKOĞLU, Coşku (2016-09-01)
A simulation based approach for nonlinear dynamical modelling and feedback control of the drag to lift ratio for aerofoils is investigated through case studies involving NACA 23012, ag13 and b737a aerofoils. The flow aroun...
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