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Mertcan Erdil

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Advanced Design of Schottky Photodiodes in Bulk CMOS for High Speed Optical Receivers
Orsel, Ogulcan Emre; Erdil, Mertcan; Kocaman, Serdar (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-02-01)
This paper provides theoretical insight on how circular Schottky photodiodes in bulk CMOS can be optimized for certain integrated receiver applications. An optimal photodiode size is analytically demonstrated and the effec...
High-Q Slot-Mode Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Cavity Biosensor With Optomechanically Enhanced Sensitivity
Erdil, Mertcan; Ozer, Yigit; Kocaman, Serdar (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-03-01)
A biosensor design based on a photonic crystal nanobeam cavity with an optomechanical positive feedback mechanism is proposed. Design of the cavity and optomechanical sensitivity enhancement method are numerically analyzed...
Optomechanical impact sensor with photonic crystal structures
Orsel, Ogulcan E.; Erdil, Mertcan; Yanik, Cenk; Kocaman, Serdar (2019-01-01)
© 2019 SPIE.We present an optomechanical impact sensor, designed by the utilization of a 2D rod-type photonic crystal (PhC) cavity. The PhC cavity is sandwiched by perfect electrical conductor (PEC) boundaries with an air ...
Tuning of 2D Rod-Type Photonic Crystal Cavity for Optical Modulation and Impact Sensing
Orsel, Ogulcan E.; Erdil, Mertcan; Yanik, Cenk; Kocaman, Serdar (2019-01-01)
We propose a novel way of mechanical perturbation of photonic crystal cavities for on-chip applications. We utilize the equivalence of the 2D photonic crystals with perfect electric conductor (PEC) boundary conditions to t...
Flexible waveguides with amorphous photonic materials
Sarihan, Murat Can; Yilmaz, Yildirim Batuhan; Erdil, Mertcan; Aras, Mehmet Sirin; Yanik, Cenk; Wong, Chee Wei; Kocaman, Serdar (2019-01-01)
Amorphous photonic materials offer an alternative to photonic crystals as a building block for photonic integrated circuits due to their shared short-range order. By using the inherent disorder of amorphous photonic materi...
Breaking the trade-off between Q-factor and sensitivity for high-Q slot mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity biosensors with optomechanical feedback
Erdil, Mertcan; Kocaman, Serdar (2019-01-01)
Here, a method to eliminate the trade-off between quality factor (Q-factor) and sensitivity of a one dimensional slot mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity biosensor is presented. Applied method utilizes an optomechanical ...
Optomechanically Enhanced High-Q Slot Mode Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Cavity
Erdil, Mertcan; Kocaman, Serdar (2018-10-04)
A high-Q slot mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity based biosensor design with positive optomechanical feedback is presented. Detailed analysis of sensitivity enhancement due to feedback shows a fourfold improvement witho...