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Münis Seven Ağır

Department of Economics
The Wealth Tax of 1942 and the Disappearance of Non-Muslim Enterprises in Turkey
Ağır, Münis Seven; Artunc, Cihan (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2019-03-01)
Turkey imposed a controversial tax on wealth to finance the army in 1942. This tax was arbitrarily assessed and fell disproportionately on non-Muslim minorities. We study the heterogeneous impact of this tax on firms by as...
The rise and demise of gedik markets in Istanbul, 1750-1860
Ağır, Münis Seven (2018-02-01)
Using new evidence uncovered from Istanbul court records, this paper shows that Ottoman markets were capable of spontaneous financial innovation before the introduction of modern financial instruments. At the same time, ho...
A History of Ottoman Economic Thought. Developments Before the Nineteenth Century
Ozveren, Eyup; Ağır, Münis Seven (Informa UK Limited, 2015-01-02)