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Microstructure-based estimation of unsaturated shear strength from simple evaporation test
Kenanoğlu, M.B.; Toker, Nabi Kartal (2023-08-01)
The effect of microstructure on the hydromechanical behavior of unsaturated soils is an issue that is frequently addressed in literature. A simple procedure is proposed in this study to characterize the soil microstructure...
Doygun olmayan zeminlerin bağlaşık hidromekanik davranışlarını hidrolik histerezisi katarak açıklayan bir bünye modeli: : UNSATURK 1.0
Eyüpgiller, Mustafa Mert; Kenanoğlu, Melih Birhan; Ülker, Mehmet Barış Can; Toker, Nabi Kartal (2022-09-30)
Bu çalışmada doygun olmayan zeminler (DOZ) için mekanik ve hidrolik etkilerin birlikte elealındığı bağlaşık bir teorik bünye modeli geliştirilmiştir. Model, DOZ su tutma davranışıylabirlikte, izotopik sıkışmayla oluşan boş...
A Case Study: Dynamic Analyses of Barrette Foundations under a Pipe Rack in a High Seismicity Region
Akbaş, Burak; Kanun, Onur; Unutmaz, Berna; Gülerce, Zeynep; Toker, Nabi Kartal (2022-09-09)
The need for transportation of fluids is increasing in recent years, calling for morecomplex analyses and design of the related facilities such as tanks, pumping stations, piperacks, etc. If these are located in a high sei...
A constitutive model for hyromechanically coupled behavior of unsaturated soils with hydraulic hysteresis
Eyüpgiller, Mustafa Mert; Kenanoğlu, Melih Birhan; Ülker, Mehmet Barış Can; Toker, Nabi Kartal (2021-07-28)
There are several constitutive models developed for understanding coupled hydromechanicalbehavior of three phase medium of unsaturated soils as well as models for explaining hydraulic hysteresis inwater retention. However,...
Simulation of hysteresis in soil-water retention with a correlation between the invading pressure to the governing effective flow area
Sattari, Amir Shoarian; Siebelist, Marlena; Toker, Nabi Kartal; Wuttke, Frank (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-23)
In order to determine the soil-water retention (SWR) behavior of a particulate medium, the invading phase pressure in the inter-particle level is correlated to the governing effective pore area in the wetting and drying pa...
A New Isotropic Specimen Preparation Method from Slurry for both Saturated and Unsaturated Triaxial Testing of a Low-Plasticity Silt
Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Reza; Toker, Nabi Kartal (ASTM International, 2019-07-01)
A new procedure for the preparation of low-plasticity silt specimens that are isotropically reconstituted from slurry is developed for use in both saturated and unsaturated soil testing. Spatial variations of the water con...
Characterization of transverse anisotropy in Poisson’s ratio using three-point radial deformation measurements
Toker, Nabi Kartal (2019-06-26)
Poisson's ratio (v) of rock specimens can be experimentally determined from radial deformation measurements in an unconfined compression test. This is commonly achieved by mounting a compressometer with diametric or perime...
Characterization of transverse anisotropy in Poisson’s ratio using radial deformation measurements
Toker, Nabi Kartal (2019-06-26)
Effect of Unsaturated Soil Properties on the Intensity-Duration Threshold for Rainfall Triggered Landslides
Kenanoğlu, Melih Birhan; Ahmadi-Adli, Mohammad; Toker, Nabi Kartal; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan (Teknik Dergi, 2019-03-01)
Rainfall triggered landslides are one of the most common natural hazards in many countries throughout the world, as well as in Turkey. This study investigates the effect of unsaturated soil properties on landslide-triggeri...
A Formulation for Scanning Soil-water Characteristic Curves
Kenanoğlu, Melih Birhan; Toker, Nabi Kartal (2018-10-01)
The hysteretic nature of soil water characteristic curve (SWCC) is captured assuming the virgin drying and virgin wetting (a.k.a. imbibition) curves; which can be obtained from experiments or various fitting equations in t...
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