Resort acommodation facilities: in search of cultural continuity.

Ertuğrul, Ayşen


Beach carrying capacity assessment: case study for sustainable use of Kusadasi beaches
Khodkar, Ghazal; Özyurt Tarakcıoğlu, Gülizar; Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
Intense and uncontrolled touristic activities have the potential to disrupt natural environments, such as beaches with irreversible physical and environmental impacts. In addition, possible socio-economic losses could be expected if the quality of the visitation (e.g., crowding, physical comfort of the visitor related to climatic conditions) to these areas are not considered in the management. The concept of carrying capacity defines the degree of acceptable use of natural areas and resource values, conside...
Coastal scenic evaluation by application of fuzzy logic mathematics
Uçar, Barış; Ergin, Ayşen; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
Coastal scenery evaluated by utilization of selected landscape components was subject to fuzzy logic system approach. Based on this methodology, coastal areas were grouped into five classes using the evaluation index D giving the overall result of scenic assessment over the attributes. Within the methodology, public perception surveys from Turkey, UK, Malta, and Croatia were used as a tool for environmental perception in the methodology. The results of the public perception surveys were utilized to obtain t...
Hotel Renovation Projects and LCC
Özkan, Soofıa Tahıra Elıas; Çakmaklı, Ayşem Berrin (2006-01-19)
LCC analysis entails the calculation of cost over useful or projected life of an asset. However, building components and/or finishing materials do not usually complete their projected life spans. Certain types of buildings undergo renovations many times before they are declared redundant and finally torn down; hotels are a point in case. During such renovations and refurbishment works most of the finishing material is replaced by newer and more fashionable one. This study was conducted to ascertain which ma...
Leisure constraints and negotiation strategies in tourism recreation: a comperative research with different cultures
Tek, Tolga; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2018)
The main problem of this study was to describe perceived constraints encountered and negotiation strategies utilized by foreign tourists in a recreational sport setting in different regions of Turkey. Moreover, discreteness in negotiation was examined according to gender, participation, the level and type of perceived constraint encountered. A questionnaire was conducted to a sample of randomly selected foreign tourists in different regions from Turkey. The modification study of Leisure Constraints Question...
Tourism development and spatial organization : Antalya - Belek case
Almaç Erdem, F. İrem; Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2005)
The rapid development in tourism sector in Turkey after 1980s led to an uncontrolled and unplanned development in the small settlements close to the tourism development areas. This is the result of the incrementalist tourism planning understanding emerged as the consequence of not considering the small settlements as a part of tourism development scenarios. Within the thesis, the tourism development areas and the economic, social, cultural and spatial relations of small settlements surrounding are discussed...
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A. Ertuğrul, “Resort acommodation facilities: in search of cultural continuity.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.