Necati Polat

Department of International Relations
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RESISTANCE TO REGIME CHANGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST A Liberation Theology of the Neo-con Variety?
Polat, Necati (Informa UK Limited, 2014-01-01)
Understanding authoritarian regimes in the Middle East as pure cynicism, or as leftovers of past and native despotisms, with scarce attention paid to the modern complicity in the sustaining of these regimes, arguably lacks...
Regime change in Turkey
Polat, Necati (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-05-01)
A series of critical developments in Turkish politics from 2007 has signalled a historic shift in the use of power in the country, long controlled by the staunch and virtually autonomous bureaucracy, both military and civi...
Orientalists, Islamists and the global public sphere: a genealogy of the modern essentialist image of Islam
Polat, Necati (2012-05-01)
European integration as colonial discourse
Polat, Necati (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2011-07-01)
A not infrequent musing on the growing European integration is that the process may signal a historic discontinuity with the logic and functioning of the modern state, forming an alternative to the Westphalian order. This ...
The Anti-Coup Trials in Turkey: What Exactly is Going On?
Polat, Necati (Informa UK Limited, 2011-01-01)
Peace as War
Polat, Necati (SAGE Publications, 2010-10-01)
This article seeks to reimagine peace against the backdrop of a Foucauldian understanding of politics. Most conventional accounts are based. on a sharp distinction between war and peace and alternate between two broad posi...
Political thought and international relations: variations on a realist theme.
Polat, Necati (2009-05-01)
Revolution at the Gates: Zizek on Lenin, the 1917 writings
Polat, Necati (SAGE Publications, 2006-01-01)
Time for revolution
Polat, Necati (SAGE Publications, 2004-01-01)
The new politics of Islam: pan-Islamic foreign policy in a world of states.
Polat, Necati (2004-01-01)
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