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Rıza Gürbüz

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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Biomechanical Evaluation of a Novel Apatite-Wollastonite Ceramic Cage Design for Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A Finite Element Model Study
BOZKURT, CELAL; ŞENKÖYLÜ, ALPASLAN; Aktas, Erdem; SARIKAYA, BARAN; SİPAHİOĞLU, SERKAN; Gürbüz, Rıza; Timucin, Muharrem (2018-01-01)
Objectives. Cage design and material properties play a crucial role in the long-term results, since interbody fusions using intervertebral cages have become one of the basic procedures in spinal surgery. Our aim is to desi...
Effect of Fillet Rolling Load on the Fatigue Performance of a Micro-Alloy Steel Diesel Engine Crankshaft
Cevik, Gul; Gürbüz, Rıza (2017-01-01)
Fillet rolling process is an effective method used to improve the fatigue performance of crankshafts by hardening the fillet region and inducing compressive residual stresses. This paper summarizes the work conducted to in...
A Pilot Study of Joint Stability at the Zirconium or Titanium Abutment/Titanium Implant Interface
Cavusoglu, Yeliz; AKÇA, KIVANÇ; Gürbüz, Rıza; ÇEHRELİ, MURAT CAVİT (2014-03-01)
Purpose: To compare the interfaces of loaded and unloaded zirconium and titanium abutments with titanium implants using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Materials and Methods: Zirconium and titanium abutments (n = 5 per...
Characterization of Duplex Stainless Steel Weld Metals Obtained by Hybrid Plasma-Gas Metal Arc Welding
Yurtışık, Koray; Tirkeş, Süha; Dykhno, Igor; Gür, Cemil Hakan; Gürbüz, Rıza (FapUNIFESP (SciELO), 2013-07-01)
Despite its high efficiency, autogenous keyhole welding is not well-accepted for duplex stainless steels because it causes excessive ferrite in as-welded duplex microstructure, which leads to a degradation in toughness and...
Evaluation of fatigue performance of a fillet rolled diesel engine crankshaft
Cevik, Gul; Gürbüz, Rıza (2013-01-01)
This paper summarizes an investigation of the effect of fillet rolling on fatigue behavior of a ductile cast iron crankshaft used in diesel engine applications. Based on the staircase test methodology, resonant bending fat...
Fatigue Resistance of 2 Different CAD/CAM Glass-Ceramic Materials Used for Single-Tooth Implant Crowns
Cavusoglu, Yeliz; Sahin, Erdal; Gürbüz, Rıza; AKÇA, KIVANÇ (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2011-10-01)
Purpose: To evaluate the fatigue resistance of 2 different CAD/CAM in-office monoceramic materials with single-tooth implant-supported crowns in functional area.
Structure and mechanical properties of Cresco-Ti laser-welded joints and stress analyses using finite element models of fixed distal extension and fixed partial prosthetic designs
Uysal, Hale; Kurtoglu, C; Gürbüz, Rıza; Tutuncu, N (Elsevier BV, 2005-03-01)
Statement of problem. The Cresco-Ti System uses a laser-welded process that provides an efficient technique to achieve passive fit frameworks. However, mechanical behavior of the laser-welded joint under biomechanical stre...
Effect of copper alloying on fatigue life and fatigue crack growth behaviour of ductile cast irons
Gürbüz, Rıza; Kalkanlı, Ali; GONENC, H (2004-01-01)
Specimens cut out and machined from Cu alloyed (about 1.6%) and unalloyed (less than 0.012%) ductile cast iron ingots were tested under cycling loading to reveal the effect of copper addition on fatigue performance. The in...
Fatigue crack growth behaviour in aluminium alloy 7475 under different aging conditions
Gürbüz, Rıza; Sarioglu, F (Informa UK Limited, 2001-12-01)
The effects of aging temperature and aging time on fatigue crack growth resistance have been studied for a 7475 (Al - Zn - Mg based) aluminium alloy. The alloy was tested in the underaged, peak aged, and overaged condition...
Microstructural characterization and tensile properties of hot pressed Al-SiC composites prepared from pure Al and Cu powders
Ögel, Bilgehan; Gürbüz, Rıza (2001-03-31)
A conventional hot pressing method was used to produce Al-Cu-SiC particulate metal matrix composites. The matrix alloy was prepared from elemental powders of Al and 5 wt.% Cu. The composite comprises 13.3 or 27.2 vol.% SiC...