Identification of a theoretical framework for the natural-essential properties of settlements bound to human identity

Eşkinat, Yunus


Exploration of an Error Prevention Model for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method
Salmanoğlu, Murat; Demirörs, Onur (2012-10-19)
The reliability of Functional size is crucial for effort and cost estimation in software development projects. However, estimation results may differ because of the errors made in the measurement process. This research proposes an error prevention model for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement method to increase the reliability of the measurements. The model has two main suggestions; first, to use the types of the functional processes during the measurement to prevent errors, and the second, to use a cardinal...
Exploration of a Practical Approach for Assessing the Measurement Capability of Software Organizations
Salmanoğlu, Murat; DEMİRÖRS, ONUR; Coşkunçay, Ahmet; Yildiz, Ali (2017-10-05)
Measurement is the foundation for successful software management. However, it is not easy for software organizations to evaluate their measurement practices and to determine what they should do to improve them. There are models to evaluate capability and maturity of measurement processes. However, they frequently focus on the measurement process in relation with a well-defined capability model like CMMI or SPICE. Organizations following recent agile methodologies do not desire to apply these holistic models...
Assessment of an iterative approach for solution of frequency domain linearized euler equations for noise propagation through turbofan jet flows
Dizemen, İlke Evrim; Yörükoğlu, Yusuf; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2007)
This study, explores the use of an iterative solution approach for the linearized Euler equations formulated in the frequency domain for fan tone noise propagation and radiation through bypass jets. The aim is to be able to simulate high frequency propagation and radiation phenomena with this code, without excessive computational resources. All computations are performed in parallel using MPI library routines on a computer cluster. The linearized Euler equations support the Kelvin-Helmholtz type convective ...
Analysis of The Planning Education in the Light of the Contemporary Trends in Planning
Husar, Husar, Milan; Varis, Sila Ceren; Ondrejicka, Vladimir (IOP Publishing; 2017-12)
This paper examines the way the planning education is taught and examines the recent trends in the curricula of planning education institutions. The introduction of changing economic systems and planning in the field of education is discussed against these changes. Additionally, the evolution in the planner's role and how it affects the planning education is discussed. The paper is addressing trends and challenges the countries and their planning changes are facing in 21st century. The trends such as increa...
Formulation of a road-map for the pre-installation phase of ERP implementations
Özdemir, Salih Zeki; Akyel, Cemal; Department of Business Administration (2001)
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Y. Eşkinat, “Identification of a theoretical framework for the natural-essential properties of settlements bound to human identity,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.