Emine Burçin Özen

Department of Aerospace Engineering
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Investigation of fretting fatigue failure mechanism of lug-bush connection members
Özen, Emine Burçin; Çöker, Demirkan (Elsevier BV; 2019-01-01)
Lug-bush connection members are widely used in aerospace industry, specifically in the connection of rotor to helicopter main body. Under small amplitude cyclic loadings, a fraction of the contact area experiences relative...
Fretting fatigue failure of lug-bush connection members under tensile loading
Özen, Emine Burçin; Çöker, Demirkan (2019-01-01)
© 2019 The Vertical Flight Society. All rights reserved.Lug-bush connection members are used widely in the aerospace industry. Under cyclic loads, these connection members fail due to fretting fatigue. The tensile fatigue ...
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