Kaan Gürel

Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Prediction of yields and composition of char from fast pyrolysis of commercial lignocellulosic materials, organosolv fractionated and torrefied olive stones
Magalhães, Duarte; Gürel, Kaan; Matsakas, Leonidas; Christakopoulos, Paul; Pisano, Italo; Leahy, J.J.; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza; Trubetskaya, Anna (Elsevier BV, 2021-04-01)
© 2020 The Author(s)This study investigated the fast pyrolysis behaviour of torrefied olive stones, fractionated olive stones and lignocellulosic commercial compounds. Olive stones were reacted in a continuous industrial t...
Fast pyrolysis of Turkish hazelnut shell by using novel wire mesh reactor
Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza; Baghırzade, Mammadbaghır; Gürel, Kaan (null; 2018-04-27)
The present paper studies fast pyrolysis of Turkish hazelnut shell under various conditions in a novel wire mesh reactor (WMR). Particular emphasis was given to understand volatile yield at high heating rates at elevated t...
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