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Graduate School of Applied Mathematics
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Almost p-ary sequences
Ozden, Busra; Yayla, Oğuz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-11-01)
In this paper we study almost p-ary sequences and their autocorrelation coefficients. We first study the number l of distinct out-of-phase autocorrelation coefficients for an almost p-ary sequence of period n + s with s co...
A new lower bound on the family complexity of Legendre sequences
Cakiroglu, Yagmur; Yayla, Oğuz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-01)
In this paper we study a family of Legendre sequences and its pseudo-randomness in terms of their family complexity. We present an improved lower bound on the family complexity of a family based on the Legendre symbol of p...
Comparison of Randomized Solutions for Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem
Demirci, Ibrahim Ethem; Ozdemir, Saziye Ece; Yayla, Oğuz (2020-06-01)
© 2020 IEEE.In this short paper, we study capacity constrained vehicle routing problem (CVRP) and its solution by randomized Monte Carlo methods. For solving CVRP we use some pseudorandom number generators commonly used in...
Ideal factorization method and its applications
Kurt, Sibel; Yayla, Oğuz (2019-01-01)
© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019.In this work the unsolvability of certain equations is studied in the case of cyclotomic number fields whose ring of integers is not a principal ideal domain. Winterhof et al. consider...
Non-existence of Some Nearly Perfect Sequences, Near Butson–Hadamard Matrices, and Near Conference Matrices
Winterhof, Arne; Yayla, Oğuz; Ziegler, Volker (2018-09-01)
In this paper we study the non-existence problem of (nearly) perfect (almost) m-ary sequences via their connection to (near) Butson–Hadamard (BH) matrices and (near) conference matrices. We refine the idea of Brock on the ...
Near Butson-Hadamard Matrices and Nonlinear Boolean Functions
Kurt, Sibel; Yayla, Oğuz (2018-02-01)
Nearly Perfect Sequences and Cryptographic Functions
Kurt, Sibel; Yayla, Oğuz (2017-12-08)
CDMA Sistemleri için Yeni Mükemmel Dizi Örnekleri
Kurt, Sibel; Yayla, Oğuz (null; 2017-04-01)
Mobil iletişimde oldukça popüler olan kod bölmeli çoklu erişim (code division multiple access-CDMA) sisteminde her kullanıcı sinyallerini iletmek için farklı diziler kullanır. Bu dizilerin seçimi CDMA sistemlerinin perform...
Near Butson Hadamard Matrices with Small off diagonal Entries
Kurt, Sibel; Yayla, Oğuz (null; 2016-06-17)
For an integer m ≥ 2let ξm denote a primitive complex m − th root of unity. We call a v-periodic sequence a = (a1, a1, ..., av−1, ...) an m − ary sequence if a1, a1, ..., av−1 ∈ εm. (εm = 1, ξm, ξ2 m, ξ(m−1) m ). An almost...
Yayla, Oğuz (2016-05-01)
A sequence of period n is called a nearly perfect sequence of type gamma if all out-of-phase autocorrelation coefficients are a constant gamma. In this paper we study nearly perfect sequences (NPS) via their connection to ...
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