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Süleyman Kürşat Çınar

Department of Political Science and Public Administration
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How Does Education Affect Political Trust?: An Analysis of Moderating Factors
Ugur-Cinar, Meral; Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; KÖSE, TEKİN (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-11-01)
This article aims to understand the correlates of political trust by delving into the multiple interactive effects of education in democratic states throughout the world. It asks whether education raises political trust by...
Political Trust in Nonconsolidated Democracies: The Turkish Case in Comparative Perspective
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; KÖSE, TEKİN (Wiley, 2020-09-01)
A global assessment of the relationship between religiosity and financial satisfaction
Kose, Tekin; Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (Informa UK Limited, 2020-01-01)
This article explores the economics of religion with a specific focus on divergent effects of religiosity on people’s financial satisfaction. There is ever-growing literature on the sociology of religion-life satisfaction ...
Kamu Hizmetleri ve Vatandaş Memnuniyetinin Çok Düzeyli Analizi: Türkiye Örneği
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; Kose, Tekin (2019-12-01)
<p>Bu çalışma vatandaşların kamu hizmetlerinden duyduğu memnuniyeti etkileyen faktörleri Türkiye örneği için araştırmaktadır. Memnuniyet düzeyinin belirleyicilerini ortaya çıkarmak için memnuniyet endeksi geliştiren ve çok...
Women and the city: female empowerment in the world, 1960-2014
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (Informa UK Limited, 2019-01-01)
It is vital to understand the structural and institutional dynamics behind female empowerment as its realization benefits not only women but also society at large. Drawing on an original, global-level dataset that covers 1...
Women's Empowerment in Turkey Introduction
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (2019-01-01)
Can Turkey Escape the Middle-Income Trap? An Institutional Approach to Economic Development
KÖSE, TEKİN; Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (2018-10-01)
Since the early 2010's, Turkey is said to be caught in "middle-income trap" characterized by economic stagnation. In this article, we offer an institutional analysis for Turkey, and many other developing nations alike, whi...
What the City Has to Offer: Urbanization and Women's Empowerment in Turkey
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; Ugur-Cinar, Meral (2018-06-01)
The Determinants of Women's Empowerment in Turkey: A Multilevel Analysis
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; KÖSE, TEKİN (2018-01-01)
This article analyses the state and determinants of women's empowerment in Turkey, based on an extensive and representative survey with more than 100,000 participants. It creates an original index of women's self-perceived...
The effects of executive constraints on political trust
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat; Ugur-Cinar, Meral (Informa UK Limited, 2018-01-01)
This article explores political trust, delving into its subcomponents and the relationship between them. It is interested in explaining why governmental trust and trust in regulative state institutions are similar in some ...