PPG signal-based pre-clinical usage arrhythmia detection method PPG sinyalleri kullanilarak mobil cihazlara uygulanabilir erken aritmi tespit metodu

In these days, in healthcare area, mobile solutions on imaging, diagnostic and treatment techniques are become more popular and important. Patient monitors are one of these candidates in this scope. They includes high technology sensors and signal processing algorithms for early diagnostic and any emergent case on patients reacting as alarms. These properties are very important especially in intensive care units (ICU). However, these devices are only available in intensive care unit departments and not mobile. A remote mobile health monitoring system which is implementable to mobile phone and web service capabilities is proposed in this paper. It provides an early alarm solution; specifically, continuous monitoring of physiological conditions, implementable to send warning messages services during an urgent event. There are around 7 million deaths because of heart failure. In this study, the developed method, which based on PPG signals, experimental results on CinC2015 database show that the proposed system can be useful for detection of life threatening alarm types and implementable for smart watches and phones in pre-clinical use.


SHA: A secure voice activated smart home for quadriplegia patients
Uzunay, Yusuf; BIÇAKCI, KEMAL (2007-11-04)
One of the most promising technologies to enhance the quality of life of quadriplegia patients is smart home environments. Security has a paramount importance for all health information systems, but it is generally overlooked until a major security breach occurs. Especially in an application specifically targeting people with disabilities, ignoring security might have dire consequences therefore we think that proactive measures should be taken by system designers. In this paper, we present SHA, a secure voi...
Incorporation of Personal Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Data into a National Level Electronic Health Record for Disease Risk Assessment, Part 1: An Overview of Requirements
Beyan, Timur; Aydın Son, Yeşim (JMIR Publications Inc., 2014-7-24)
Background: Personalized medicine approaches provide opportunities for predictive and preventive medicine. Using genomic, clinical, environmental, and behavioral data, tracking and management of individual wellness is possible. A prolific way to carry this personalized approach into routine practices can be accomplished by integrating clinical interpretations of genomic variations into electronic medical records (EMRs)/electronic health records (EHRs). Today, various central EHR infrastructures have been...
Exploring behavior change features for mobile workout applications
ÜNAL, Perin; Cavdar, Seyma Kucukozer; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Eren, Pekin Erhan; IYENGAR, Sriram (2017-08-23)
With the rapid emergence of mobile technologies in recent years, mobile health (m-health) has become fundamental to healthcare. Persuasion strategies and behavior change support features are widely used in m-health applications to increase the effectiveness of these applications on users. However, in the literature, there is a lack of research to analyze the current situation of m-health applications particularly from the perspective of behavior change approaches. In this study, the workout applications in ...
Understanding the perception towards using mHealth applications in practice: Physicians' perspective
Sezgin, Emre; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner (2018-03-01)
The objective of this study was to investigate physicians' perceptions to use mobile health applications in practice, and to identify influencing factors to use the technology. An mHealth technology acceptance model was proposed (M-TAM), and a cross-sectional survey was implemented using structured questionnaire to collect data. Online tools were used for inviting participants (physicians) and data collection from Turkey. The data was analyzed using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation...
Electronic Health Record standards - A brief overview
Eichelberg, M.; Aden, T.; Riesmeier, J.; Dogac, A.; Laleci Ertürkmen, Gökçe Banu (2006-12-12)
Most medical information systems store clinical information about patients in proprietary format.,, To address the resulting interoperability problems, several Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards that enable structured clinical content for the purpose of exchange are currently under development. In this article, we present a brief overview of the most relevant EHR standards, examine the level of hiteroperability they provide and assess their functionality in terms of content structure, access services,...
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