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High-power high-repetition-rate single-mode Er-Yb-doped fiber laser system

Pavlov, Ihor
Ilbey, Emrah
Dulgergil, Ebru
Bayri, Alper
İLDAY, Fatih Ömer
We demonstrate an all-fiber-integrated, high-power chirped-pulse-amplification system operating at 1550 nm. The seed source is a soliton fiber laser with 156 MHz repetition rate. Two-stage single mode amplifier provides an amplification of more than 40 dB without significant spontaneous amplified emission. The power amplifier is based on cladding-pumped 10 mu m-core Er-Yb co-doped fiber, the output of which was spliced into standard singlemode fiber. We obtain 10 W average power in a strictly singlemode operation. After dechirping with a grating compressor, near transform-limited, 450 fs-long pulses are obtained. The laser source exhibits excellent short and long-term intensity stability, with relative intensity noise measurements characterizing the short-term stability. (C) 2012 Optical Society of America