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Scandium Recovery from an Ammonium Fluoride Strip Liquor by Anti-Solvent Crystallization

Kaya, Serap
Peters, Edward Michael
Forsberg, Kerstin
Dittrich, Carsten
Stopic, Srecko
Friedrich, Bernd
In this study, the crystallization of scandium from ammonium fluoride strip liquor, obtained by solvent extraction, was investigated using an anti-solvent crystallization technique. Acetone, ethanol, methanol and isopropanol were added individually to the strip liquor as the anti-solvent and scandium was precipitated and obtained in the form of (NH4)(3)ScF6 crystals. The results show that scandium can be effectively crystallized from the strip liquor to obtain an intermediate, marketable scandium product. Yields greater than 98% were obtained using an anti-solvent to strip liquor volumetric ratio of 0.8. Acetone had the least performance at lower anti-solvent to strip liquor volumetric ratios, possibly due to its limited H bonding capability with water molecules when compared to alcohols.