ESR studies of travertines in Yarımburgaz cave which is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Turkey

Bulur, Enver


CETIN, O; OZER, AM; WIESER, A (Elsevier BV, 1994-01-01)
Samples of fossil tooth enamels taken from different depths of Karain Cave (Antalya, Turkey) were studied by the ESR method. The accumulated doses (D(E)s) of the samples were determined using the paramagnetic center at g = 2.0020 +/- 0.0003 by means of three different microwave power conditions. It is found that the dating signal at g = 2.0020 (Delta Hpp approximate to 0.34 mT) is disturbed significantly by the isotropic signal at g = 2.0007 +/- 0.0003 at high microwave power. The lifetime of this signal is...
ESR dating of calcrete nodules from Bala, Ankara (Turkey): Preliminary results
Kucukuysal, Ceren; Engin, Birol; Günal Türkmenoğlu, Asuman; Aydas, Canan (Elsevier BV, 2011-02-01)
The age of two calcrete nodules (C1 and C2) from the Bala section in the region of Ankara, Turkey, is determined by the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) method. Three radiation-induced ESR signals at g=2.0056 (A signal), g=2.0006 (C signal) and g=2.0038 (broad signal, BL) were observed. The broad signal (BL) intensity was used as a dating signal. The properties of this dating signal are described in this manuscript. The calcrete nodules were irradiated with a Co-60 gamma source and measured with an ESR spectro...
ESR and conductivity investigations on electrochemically synthesized polyfuran and polythiophene
Demirboga, B; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar (2000-06-01)
ESR studies have been carried out on ClO4--doped polyfuran (PF) and BF4--doped polythiophene (PT) films synthesized by constant potential electrolysis. Variation of spin concentration and linewidth of ESR signal with temperature were investigated. The temperature dependence of conductivity supported the Mott's variable range hopping mechanism for PT and PF freestanding films. Temperature dependence of activation energy indicated that hopping is the dominating mechanism of charge transport.
ESR studies of the free radicals produced by UV-light on the surfaces of some crystalline monomers and polymeric materials.
Ramelow, Ülkü; Baysal, Bahattin; Department of Chemistry (1978)
ESR study and copolymer analysis of acrylamide-methacrylamide solid solutions
Baysal, Bahattin M. (Wiley, 1988-3)
When acrylamide‐methacrylamide mixed crystals are irradiated by ultraviolet (UV) rays, a copolymeric sample is obtained containing both monomeric constituents. For identification and quantitative analysis of these copolymers, a modified form of UV spectroscopy was used. The greatest advantage of UV spectroscopy for copolymer analysis lies in its rapid application. A comparison of the spectrum of the unknown compositions with spectra of known systems by using a calibration curve and the shifts in absorption ...
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E. Bulur, “ESR studies of travertines in Yarımburgaz cave which is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.