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FTIR characterization of Ru/SiO2 catalyst for ammonia synthesis

Sayan, S
Kantcheva, M
Suzer, S
Üner, Deniz
Carbon monoxide adsorption on a Ru/SiO(2)catalyst was followed by IR spectroscopy to investigate the active sites. Using this catalyst, ammonia synthesis was achieved at 350 degrees C in an N-2/H-2 gas mixture (N-2/H-2 approximate to 3 : 1) for different reaction times. In addition to NH3 other NH, (x = 1,2) species were also observed. CO adsorption after NH3 production was also performed to investigate the change in nature of the active sites. Based on the experimental evidence participation of Ru-0 sites in ammonia synthesis was confirmed and a partial oxidation of the reduced Ru sites during the synthesis was observed.