Effect of construction period and construction system on construction cost

Kulein, Dilek


Effect of land surface elevation data availability on river hydraulic model output
Göktaş, Recep Kaya; Ayvaz, Mustafa Tamer; Kargı, Pınar Gökçe; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; Mesta, Buket; Tezyapar, İpek; Tezel, Ulaş (2018-04-13)
River hydraulic models are useful tools in watershed management. They are critical components of flood planning studies, and are prerequisites for pollution transport modeling. One of the critical parameters in modeling river hydraulics is the river channel slope. When the river system of a large watershed is of concern, the land surface elevation data can be used to create the river network and to determine the slopes of the river channels. Digital elevation maps (DEMs) created by using remote observations...
Effect of crude oil type and heating rate on combustion of crude oil-lignite mixtures
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Elsevier BV, 1992-01-01)
Research was conducted to investigate the possibility of upgrading low-quality lignites by mixing them with heavy crude oils. Three crude oil samples with API gravities of 12.9, 18.7 and 26.7 were mixed with lignite to form mixtures of 10 and 20% oil content. Thermal analysis experiments were conducted at non-isothermal heating conditions at heating rates of 5-100 K min-1. Differential thermogravimetric data were analysed using an Arrhenius-type reaction model assuming a first-order reaction. The results in...
Effect of Aggregate Type and Rate of Temperature Change on Fracture Strength of Asphalt Concrete
Quadır, Adnan; Güler, Murat (2012-06-02)
One of the main distress types in asphalt concrete pavements is the low temperature cracking due to large variation of daily temperatures. Even though researchers around the world studied the effect of a number of mix design variables on the fracture strength of asphalt concrete, the rate of temperature change and the aggregate type have not been well elaborated in the previous researches and need further investigations. Several test methods have been suggested to study the low temperature behaviour of asph...
Effect of groundwater flow on hydrograph recession curve.
Kilic, Rusen Cihat; Department of Civil Engineering (1974)
KAYILI, Serkan; Yozgatlıgil, Ahmet; ERALP, O. Cahit (2012-01-01)
A 1/13 scaled model tunnel is constructed in order to investigate the blockage effect (the ratio of the model cross sectional area to the tunnel cross sectional area) on the heat release rate inside the tunnel with different ventilation velocities. Scaling is done based on Froude number. In the experiments, wood sticks assembled in different geometrical configurations are burned with various longitudinal ventilation velocities inside the model tunnel. Combustion gases are sampled to calculate the heat relea...
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D. Kulein, “Effect of construction period and construction system on construction cost,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.