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Approaching Net-Zero Energy Building Through Utilization of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics for Three Cities in Turkey-Preliminary Calculations

This research addresses the impact of the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions on the performance of a residential building with the area of 2247 m(2) at different regions of Coastal Anatolia. Three cities are chosen with respect to their solar heat gain as the lowest, highest and average. Hourly performances are calculated using the DOE software of Energyplus and installed peak PV power calculated as 84.2 kW. Our preliminary results showed that the annual heating and cooling energy consumption for the three locations vary between 1.44 kWh/m(2)-9.12 kWh/m(2) and 22.2 kWh/m(2)56.9 kWh/m(2), respectively. The cooling demand is much higher than the heating demand for these coastal locations of Anatolia (as expected). The maximum use of the three cities is 56.9 kWh/m(2) and according to results this load can be easily supplied by an 84.2 kWp PV. As these are preliminary results they can be treated within margins of +/- 20 kW depending on the orientation of the building facades and the type of the solar cells.