Modernism/Westernism vs Fundamentalism/Islamism: an analysis of two Islamic Periodicals of Turkey

Açıkalın, Oya


Modernism and the peasantry : the case of Turkey
Çaya, Sinan; Ecevit, Mehmet Cihan; Department of Sociology (2013)
The Turkish Republican Revolution followed the National Struggle for the independence of the remaining Turkish-Moslem sections of the former Ottoman State. The radical nature and the sudden occurrence of the following revolution caused the periphery of the country to accept all novelties only with reluctance and resistance. Indeed, the Turkish peasant does possess some collective traits, which are possible to distinguish him from town and city and even town dwellers. Turkey has been considered an agrarian s...
Nationalism and religion in the textbooks of the early republican period in Turkey
Babahan, Ali; Tokluoğlu, Ayşe Ceylan; Department of Sociology (2014)
This study focuses on a detailed analysis of the relationship between nationalism and religion (Islam) in textbooks taught in Turkish education system between 1924 and 1950. It can be regarded as a re-assessment of general assumptions in the literature presuming the dominance of an authoritative secular nationalism in the textbooks of the whole early republican period. In this respect, the textbooks used at primary, middle and high school levels as part of the history, citizenship, sociology, and religion c...
Identity and the Nur movement in Turkey: "trying to see the gray"
Wuthrich, Aimee M; Özdalga, Elisabeth; Department of Middle East Studies (2007)
This thesis analyzes the identity of the Nur movement in Turkey from the emic perspective on two levels, the group and the individual. Research was conducted through semi-structured, in-depth interviews with ten university students who identify themselves as Nur students. With regard to group identity, first, the emergence and function of the movement is considered in light of Norbert Elias's "Changes in the We-I Balance," concluding that the movement constitutes an important "survival unit" for the student...
Nationalism and the drive for sovereignty in Tatarstan, 1988-92: Origins and development
Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat (2001-04-01)
Nationalism, transnationals and contested images of Turkey in Austria
Strasser, Sabıne (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
As 'Eurobarometer' surveys indicate, European populations are increasingly sceptical about further EU enlargement, especially as far as Turkey is concerned. Austria's rejection of negotiations with Turkey has been remarkable. While the Austrian government has been in line with European council resolutions, policy makers of different parties have reiterated their claim for alternatives to full membership for Turkey. Furthermore, opinion polls have shown that the Austrian population's refusal of Turkey is abo...
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O. Açıkalın, “Modernism/Westernism vs Fundamentalism/Islamism: an analysis of two Islamic Periodicals of Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.