Sociological and semiological/psychoanalytical approaches in feminist film theory: 'Woman's films' in Turkish cinema during 1980s

Nalçaoğlu, Asuman Suner


Sociological analysis of time pressure and sleep under the current working conditions of capitalism: a case study on white-collar workers in İstanbul
Kurmuş, Emir; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Sociology (2017)
IIn this thesis, the main concern is to explore the time experience in the contemporary conditions of capitalism in Turkey. This thesis tries to do that through sleep and work both of which together take workers’ most of life-time, voluntarily or involuntarily. Sleep as a bodily act is mostly ignored to research by sociologists. However, nowadays, as long as sleep-deprivation or sleep-disorder becomes prominent issues for the workers, sociological analysis has become a requirement. This thesis claims that t...
Sociological analysis of the attitudes toward rape in Turkish society ... and Islamic repercussions in the political context: The AK Party case
Turkman, S (2005-06-01)
Sociological analysis of politics of women's organizations in Turkey
Yelsalı, Pınar Melis; Ecevit, Mehmet; Department of Sociology (2002)
Sociological characteristics of criminals Nigeria case study.
Igbinigun, E. Ernest; Department of Sociology (1985)
Sociological analysis of organised criminality in Turkey
Beşe, Ertan; Mutlu, Kayhan; Department of Sociology (2005)
This thesis argues that organized crime is a sociological phenomenon with criminological dimensions that constitutes a threat to public security and order, economic development, social integrity, democracy and peace in Turkey, and consequently to the national security of the country. Sociological and political causes of organized criminality will be assessed through a multidimensional approach based on the identification of different conceptual areas and related indicators that characterize organized crime ...
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A. S. Nalçaoğlu, “Sociological and semiological/psychoanalytical approaches in feminist film theory: ‘Woman’s films’ in Turkish cinema during 1980s,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.