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Effects of Pulse Electroplating Parameters on Return Loss (S11) and Surface Roughness of Silver Coatings

Başaran, Caner
Karakaya, İshak
The highly conductive silver is widely used in the electronics industry, especially in microwave systems [1]. A silver-plated part will reduce loss at the highest microwave frequencies. In addition to this, it will carry extremely high current load. Surface roughness which distorts the propagation of electromagnetic waves is known to affect the uniformity of the current distribution of very good conductive metals such as silver [1]. The effects of duty cycle, frequency and average current density, which are pulsed silver-plating parameters, on the surface quality of coating have been investigated in this study. These effects have been examined by comparing the return loss (S11). S11 comparisons were made according to a reference gold plate. When S11 comparisons have been made, increasing return loss appears with increasing surface roughness. These effects have been characterized by SEM and XRD.