Some aspects of identifiability

Khatib, Ayman Turki


Some Fundamental Limits of Unequal Error Protection
Borade, Shashi; Nakiboğlu, Barış; Zheng, Lizhong (2008-01-08)
An information theoretic framework for unequal error protection is developed in terms of the exponential error bounds. The fundamental difference between the bit-wise and message-wise unequal error protection (UEP ) is demonstrated, for fixed length block codes on DMCs without feedback. Effect of feedback is investigated via variable length block codes. It is shown that, feedback results in a significant improvement in both bit-wise and message-wise UEP (except the single message case for missed detection)....
Some aspects of black hole physics: spherical null and timelike orbits, and event horizon detection
Tavlayan, Aydın; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2021-9-08)
In this thesis, some crucial aspects of black hole physics are investigated. Exact formulas relating the radius of the spherical photon orbits to the black hole's rotation parameter and the effective inclination angle of the orbit have been known only for equatorial and polar orbits up to now. In the first chapter, an infinite family of exact formulas is provided for non-equatorial orbits that lie between these extreme limits. The sextic polynomial equation in the photon radius, derived from the geodesic eq...
Some aspects of Miskawayh's moral philosophy
Özdemir, İbrahim; Açıkgenç, Alparslan; Department of Philosophy (1988)
Some qualitative properties of higher order nonlinear dynamic equations on time scales
Özgün, Saliha Aslı; Kaymakçalan, Billur; Ağacık, Zafer; Department of Mathematics (1996)
Some properties of periodic locally soluble groups.
Abu Sa'a, Tareq Mohammad; Department of Mathematics (1984)
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A. T. Khatib, “Some aspects of identifiability,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.