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Event Detection on Communities: Tracking the Change in Community Structure within Temporal Communication Networks
Aktunç, Rıza; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Karagöz, Pınar (Springer, Cham, 2020-01-01)
In this work, we focus on social interactions in communities in order to detect events. There are several previous efforts for the event detection problem based on analyzing the change in the network structure in terms of the overall network features. However, in this work, event detection is considered as a problem of change detection in community structures. Particularly, communities extracted from communication network are focused on, and various versions of the community change detection methods are dev...
Loneliness, positive life events, and psychological maladjustment: When good things happen, even lonely people feel better!
Chang, Edward C.; Muyan, Mine; Hirsch, Jameson K. (2015-11-01)
The present study investigated loneliness and positive life events as predictors of psychological maladjustment (viz., depression, hopelessness, & suicidal behaviors) in a sample of 327 adults. Beyond the expected role of loneliness in psychological maladjustment, positive life events were found to further augment the prediction of depression, hopelessness, and suicidal behaviors. In addition, the presence of positive life events was found to buffer the positive association between loneliness and maladjustm...
Sustainable Development, Well-Earned Surprises, and Bilkent Law
Baker, Derek K. (Bilkent Üniversitesi Hukukta Kariyer Kulübü, 2021-4-14)
Invited paper to student journal
Students Mental Models on Acids and Bases via Alternative Assessment
Çetin Dindar, Ayla; Geban, Ömer (null; 2015-09-24)
Students encounter many real life events from an early age and they relate to what they already know and construct cohe rent understanding of these events. During in chemistry learning process, students often experience difficulties and lack conceptual understanding of basic concepts even though their effort. In the current study, acids and bases concepts were investigated, which is one of the fundamental topics in chemistry and easily influenced by daily language and experiences. The participants were 40 e...
EFL teachers’ awareness and attitudes towards personal and impersonal metadiscourse markers in L2 academic writing
Karakuş, Nursevinç.; Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem; Department of English Literature (2020)
The purpose of the current study is to investigate EFL instructors’ awareness and attitudes towards personal and impersonal metadiscourse markers in L2 academic writing. Thirteen EFL instructors who have at least five years of teaching experience in a state university participated in the study. This study is designed as a qualitative study. To this end, semi-structured interviews were conducted as a data collection tool. Prior to the interviews, a handout that contains jumbled sentences with personal and im...
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