Effect of ZrF4 on hot-pressed hydroxyapatite/monoclinic zirconia composites

Composites of 25 wt.% monoclinic zirconia and 75 wt.% hydroxyapatite (HA) (with and without 5 wt.% ZrF4) were hot pressed to investigate their mechanical properties and phase stability. HA decomposed to tricalcium. phosphate when there was no ZrF4 present. Addition of ZrF4 into the composite improved its thermal stability and mechanical properties. Substitution of OH- by F- ions was verified by the change in HA's hexagonal lattice parameters. A fracture toughness of 2.1 MPa root m and microhardness of 6.9 GPa were calculated for the composite containing ZrF4. (c) 2006 Published by Elsevier Ltd. on behalf of Acta Materialia, Inc.


Coatings of hydroxyapatite - nanosize alpha alumina composites on Ti-6Al-4V
Evis, Zafer (Elsevier BV, 2005-12-01)
Composites of hydroxyapatite (HA) and nanosize-alpha-(alpha)-Al2O3 with 5 wt.% CaF2 were coated on Ti-6Al-4V rods by cold pressing and sintered in air or argon atmosphere at 1100 degrees C to improve the bonding between the metal and the ceramic. 25 and 40 wt.% alpha-Al2O3-5 wt.% CaF2-HA composites gave the best results of strong bonding. 25 wt.% alpha-Al2O3-5 wt.% CaF2-HA and Ti-6Al-4V showed the same thermal expansion coefficients. The thermal expansion coefficient of the 40 wt.% alpha-Al2O3-5 wt.% CaF2-H...
Effect of initial powder morphology on thermal and mechanical properties of stand-alone plasma-sprayed 7 wt.% Y2O3-ZrO2 coatings
Ercan, Batur; Trice, Rodney W.; Wang, Hsin; Porter, Wally (Elsevier BV, 2006-11-05)
The effects of starting powder morphology on the thermal and mechanical properties of stand-alone plasma-sprayed 7 wt.% Y2O3-ZrO2 (YSZ) coatings were studied. Two powder morphologies were investigated: an agglomerated and sintered powder (referred to presently as "AS") and a powder manufactured using plasma spheroidization to create hollow spheres (referred to presently as "HS"). Coatings made from AS powders contained 0.21 wt.% SiO2 impurity, twice as much as observed in coatings made from HS powders. Prop...
Effect of Sm on thermal and mechanical properties of Cu-Zr-Al bulk metallic glasses
Sikan, Fatih; Atabay, S. E.; Motallebzadeh, A.; Özerinç, Sezer; Kalay, I.; Kalay, Yunus Eren (Elsevier BV, 2019-01-16)
The effect of rare-earth (Sm) microalloying on the thermal stability and phase selection along with the effect of nanocrystallization on the mechanical properties of amorphous melt-spun ribbons of Zr50Cu40Al10, Zr49Cu39.2Al9.8Sm2 and Zr48Cu38.4Al9.6Sm4 alloys were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Vickers and nanoindentation hardness tests and micropillar compression analysis. XRD and TEM analyses showed that all samp...
Atomic and electronic structure of Bi/GaAs(001)-alpha 2(2x4)
Usanmaz, D.; ÇAKMAK, MELEK; Ellialtıoğlu, Süleyman Şinasi (IOP Publishing, 2008-07-02)
We report an ab initio pseudopotential calculation for the atomic and electronic structure of Bi/GaAs(001)-alpha 2(2 x 4). Three structural models with Bi coverages of Theta = 1/4 are considered, containing one Bi dimer or two Bi-As mixed dimers. According to our calculations for this coverage, the atomic model of the Bi/GaAs(001)-(2 x 4) reconstruction is similar to the alpha 2 structure of the clean GaAs(001)-(2 x 4) surface in which the top As dimer is replaced by a Bi dimer. This result is in agreement ...
Effect of isomorphic atom substitution on the refractive index and oscillator parameters of TlInS2xSe2(1-x) (0.25 <= x <= 1) layered mixed crystals
Hasanlı, Nızamı (Wiley, 2010-11-01)
The optical properties of TlInS2xSe2(1-x) mixed crystals (0.25 <= x <= 1) have been studied at room temperature through the transmittance and reflectivity measurements in the wavelength range of 400-1100 nm. The spectral dependence of the refractive index for all compositions of studied crystals were obtained. The dispersion of the refractive index is discussed in terms of the Wemple-DiDomenico single-effective-oscillator model. The compositional dependencies of refractive index dispersion parameters: oscil...
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