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Inter-comparison of statistical downscaling methods for projection of extreme precipitation in Europe

Sunyer, M. A.
Hundecha, Y.
Lawrence, D.
Madsen, H.
Wıllems, P.
Martınkova, M.
Vormoor, K.
Buerger, G.
Hanel, M.
Krıaucıunıene, J.
Loukas, A.
Osuch, M.
Yücel, İsmail
Information on extreme precipitation for future climate is needed to assess the changes in the frequency and intensity of flooding. The primary source of information in climate change impact studies is climate model projections. However, due to the coarse resolution and biases of these models, they cannot be directly used in hydrological models. Hence, statistical downscaling is necessary to address climate change impacts at the catchment scale.