Detecting the long-distance structure of the X(3872)

Guo, Feng-Kun
Hidalgo-Duque, Carlos
Nieves, Juan
Özpineci, Altuğ
Valderrama, Manuel Pavon
In this work we focus on the analysis of the X(3872) -> D-0(D) over bar (0)pi(0) decay assuming a molecular picture for the X(3872) state within an effective field theory (EFT) approach. This decay is sensitive to the long-distance structure of the X(3872); in sharp contrast with the main decay channels: J/psi pi pi and J/psi 3 pi. We show that the final state interactions in the D (D) over bar system can be important and that the measurement of this partial decay width can provide a constrain on the low energy constants (LECs) of the D(*)(D) over bar(*) EFT.