An introduction to technology foresight: the case of United Kingdom

Kurt, Aygen Sibel


An analysis of policies towards young children through a child rights perspective : the case of Turkey
Kosif, Sevilay; Aybars, Ayşe İdil; Department of Social Policy (2020)
The aim of this study is to analyze child policies and child rights together and to emphasize the child rights perspective especially in the policies towards young children of preschool age. Children's rights play an important role in social policies targeting children. Child policies and children's rights cannot be considered independent from each other because they are aimed at the same target group and tend towards similar goals. Today, interest in policies towards early childhood period has increased in...
An Analysis of theoretical perspectives on European integration: liberal intergovernmentalism reconsidered from critical point of view
Yalçın, Teoman; Yurdusev, A. Nuri; Department of International Relations (2001)
An introduction to the evaluation of wind data large scale electricity generated in Turkey.
Çelik, Sabahattin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1986)
An Introduction to Computational Finance
Uğur, Ömür (Imperial College Press, 2009-01-01)
Although there are several publications on similar subjects, this book mainly focuses on pricing of options and bridges the gap between Mathematical Finance and Numerical Methodologies. The author collects the key contributions of several monographs and selected literature, values and displays their importance, and composes them here to create a work which has its own characteristics in content and style. This invaluable book provides working Matlab codes not only to implement the algorithms presented in t...
An analysis of the formations of trade union consciousness and worker identity in Turkey : a case study of the TÜVASAŞ railcar factory
Bilgin, Oğuzhan; Ayata, Sencer; Department of Social Policy (2010)
The thesis attempts to provide an analysis of the role of trade union membership in the formations of trade union consciousness and worker identity and the assumption that the trade union membership is influential in the formation of worker identity is tested in this study. It is mainly based upon a field study conducted in Railcar Factory of TÜVASAŞ in Sakarya, makes a comparison between union member workers and non-union member subcontractors in terms of the formation of trade union consciousness and work...
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A. S. Kurt, “An introduction to technology foresight: the case of United Kingdom,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.