Electoral bias due to the boundary delimitations : a new districting model

Akdeniz, Avni


Küçükşenel, Serkan; Gülseven, Osman (2011-01-01)
We develop a simple theoretic game a model to analyze the relationship between electoral systems and governments' choice in trade policies. We show that existence of international pressure or. foreign lobby changes a government's final decision on trade policy, and trade policy in countries with proportional electoral system is more protectionist than in countries with majoritarian electoral system. Moreover, lobbies pay more to affect the trade policy outcomes in countries with proportional representation ...
Voter Verifiable and Single Transferable Electronic Voting for Elections with Electoral Barriers
Yucel, Okan; Baykal, Nazife (2009-06-30)
"Voter verifiability" is a notion offered by some electronic voting schemes, which develops into an important issue of democracy in the electronic world. The idea is to endow each voter with the facility of verifying that his vote is counted correctly. The check mechanism for the correct count of the vote can be provided by means of a voting receipt. On the other hand, whenever one has a receipt that serves to check the correct casting and tallying of the vote, it can also be used as the proof for the conte...
Political business cycle and the optimal unemployment path
Günay, Hikmet; Ekinci, Nazım K.; Department of Economics (1995)
Political Discourse Strategies Used in Twitter during Gezi Park Protests: A Comparison of Two Rival Political Parties in Turkey
Yavuz, Nilay; PARLAK, İSMET; Subay, Ozlem Ozdesim (2018-01-01)
Along with the growing use of twitter as a tool of political interaction, recently, there has also been an attention in the academia to understand and explain how and why politicians use twitter, and what its impact on the political outcomes are. On the other hand, there has been little analysis about the content of the tweets that politicians from different parties posted during major political events. Accordingly, this study aims to investigate the discourse strategies that the top-level politicians of th...
Political-Legal Changes to Turkish Asylum Policy: A Solution to the Problems of Asylum Seekers?
Okyayuz, Mehmet (Wiener Verlag für Sozialforschung, 2014-07-01)
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A. Akdeniz, “Electoral bias due to the boundary delimitations : a new districting model,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.