Lotz-Rabiger's nets of Markov operators in L-1-spaces

The Lotz-Rabiger nets (LR-nets) introduced in Rabiger (1993) [18] under the name M-nets provide an appropriate setting for investigation various mean ergodic theorems in Banach spaces. In the present paper we prove several convergence theorems for LR-nets of Markov operators in L-1-spaces which extend Theorems 1 and 5 from Emel'yanov (2004) [8]. and Theorem 1.1 from Lasota (1983) [11].


Legendrian realization in convex Lefschetz fibrations and convex stabilizations
Akbulut, Selman; Arıkan, Mehmet Fırat (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2015-05-01)
We show that, up to a Liouville homotopy and a deformation of compact convex Lefschetz fibrations on W, any Lagrangian submanifold with trivial first de Rham cohomology group, embedded on a (symplectic) page of the (induced) convex open book on partial derivative W, can be assumed to be Legendrian in partial derivative W with the induced contact structure. This can be thought as the extension of Giroux's Legendrian realization (which holds for contact open books) for the case of convex open books. We also s...
Seven, Ahmet İrfan (American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2019-07-01)
In the structure theory of cluster algebras, principal coefficients are parametrized by a family of integer vectors, called c-vectors. Each c-vector with respect to an acyclic initial seed is a real root of the corresponding root system, and the c-vectors associated with any seed defines a symmetrizable quasi-Cartan companion for the corresponding exchange matrix. We establish basic combinatorial properties of these companions. In particular, we show that c-vectors define an admissible cut of edges in the a...
Quadratic pencil of Schrodinger operators with spectral singularities: Discrete spectrum and principal functions
Bairamov, E; Cakar, O; Celebi, AO (Elsevier BV, 1997-12-01)
In this article we investigated the spectrum of the quadratic pencil of Schrodinger operators L(lambda) generated in L-2(R+) by the equation
Asymptotic behavior of Markov semigroups on preduals of von Neumann algebras
Ernel'yanov, EY; Wolff, MPH (Elsevier BV, 2006-02-15)
We develop a new approach for investigation of asymptotic behavior of Markov semigroup on preduals of von Neumann algebras. With using of our technique we establish several results about mean ergodicity, statistical stability, and constrictiviness of Markov semigroups. (c) 2005 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Concrete description of CD0(K)-spaces as C(X)-spaces and its applications
Ercan, Z (American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2004-01-01)
We prove that for a compact Hausdorff space K without isolated points, CD0(K) and C(K x {0, 1}) are isometrically Riesz isomorphic spaces under a certain topology on K x {0, 1}. Moreover, K is a closed subspace of K x {0, 1}. This provides concrete examples of compact Hausdorff spaces X such that the Dedekind completion of C(X) is B(S) (= the set of all bounded real-valued functions on S) since the Dedekind completion of CD0(K) is B(K) (CD0(K, E) and CDw (K, E) spaces as Banach lattices).
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