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An integrated biostratigraphy (conodonts and foraminifers) and chronostratigraphy (paleomagnetic reversals, magnetic susceptibility, elemental chemistry, carbon isotopes and geochronology) for the Permian-Upper Triassic strata of Guandao section, Nanpanjiang Basin, south China

Lehrmann, Daniel J.
Stepchinski, Leanne
Altıner, Demir
Orchard, Michael J.
Montgomery, Paul
Enos, Paul
Ellwood, Brooks B.
Bowring, Samuel A.
Ramezani, Jahandar
Wang, Hongmei
Wei, Jiayong
Yu, Meiyi
Griffiths, James D.
Minzoni, Marcello
Schaal, Ellen K.
Li, Xiaowei
Meyer, Katja M.
Payne, Jonathan L.
The chronostratigraphy of Guandao section has served as the foundation for numerous studies of the end-Permian extinction and biotic recovery in south China. Guandao section is continuous from the Permian-Triassic boundary to the Upper Triassic.