Bicycle safety

Lajunen, Timo
Özkan, Türker
Porter, Bryan E.


Children's Perceptions and Definitions of Family in China, Ecuador, Turkey, and the United States
Qiu, Wei; Schvaneveldt, Paul L.; Şahin, Volkan (2013-09-01)
With rapid economic development and modernization, changes may be occurring among younger generations in regard to their attitudes towards family life and marriage. This research project is a cross-cultural comparison of how the broader social and cultural contexts have impacted the ways children perceive and define family functions, family structure, and roles within families. The sample included a total of 231 children aged 5 to 12 years and their parents from four countries: China, Ecuador, Turkey, and t...
Driver Aggressiveness Detection Using Visual Information from Forward Camera
Kumtepe, Omurcan; Akar, Gözde; Yuncu, Enes (2015-08-28)
Among the human related factors, aggressive driving behavior is one of the major causes of traffic accidents [17]. On the other hand, detection and characterization of driver aggressiveness is a challenging task since there exist different psychological causes behind it. However information about the driver behavior could be extracted from the data that is collected via different sensing devices. This paper presents a method to detect driver aggressiveness using only visual information provided by forward c...
He said, she said, but what do they say?: young children's perceptions of father involvement
Unlu-Cetin, Senil; Olgan, Refika (2018-01-01)
One of the important implications of the rights given to children by Article 12 of UN Convention on the Rights of Children 1989 is the inclusion of children in research on issues related to their lives. However, studies on father involvement are still conducted for young children not with them and there are no data-gathering techniques available that can be used specifically with young children. Within this context the main aim of this study is to develop new techniques to gather qualitative data from child...
An inquiry into children’s sense of place in city neighborhoods: the case of Ankara
Erol, Ecem; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2021-2-12)
The rapid urbanization process causes spatial and social segregation in many cities of the world in the last decades. The contemporary city does not provide inclusive urban environments to children; they are increasingly exluded from public open spaces. Spatially and mentally segregated urban environments neither provide learning opportunities nor help improve the social abilities of children. The sense of place is a dynamic and complicated phenomenon that changes over time. The area that children feel to b...
TEKKAYA, AE; SEN, A (1992-12-01)
The rigid-plastic finite element analysis of metal forming processes is known to be much more efficient and stable than the elastic-plastic one. This efficiency results from the absence of kinematical nonlinearities in the formulation. Contact algorithms used in rigid-plastic models must agree with this fact, otherwise the efficiency can be damaged seriously.
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T. Lajunen, T. Özkan, and B. E. Porter, “Bicycle safety,” TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F-TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR, pp. 179–181, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: