Mechanically aerated lagoons for Turkey.

Soyupak, Selçuk


Fully Implantable Cochlear Implant Interface Electronics With 51.2-mu W Front-End Circuit
Ulusan, Hasan; Chamanian, Salar; Ilik, Bedirhan; Muhtaroglu, Ali; Külah, Haluk (2019-07-01)
This paper presents an ultralow power interface circuit for a fully implantable cochlear implant (FICI) system that stimulates the auditory nerves inside cochlea. The input sound is detected with a multifrequency piezoelectric (PZT) sensor array, is signal-processed through a front-end circuit module, and is delivered to the nerves through current stimulation in proportion to the sound level. The front-end unit reduces the power dissipation by combining amplification and compression of the sensor output thr...
Mechanical performance of composite flat specimens and pressure vessels produced by carbon/epoxy towpreg dry winding
Okten, Yigit Kemal; Kaynak, Cevdet (2022-10-01)
The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of certain processing parameters on the mechanical performance of carbon/epoxy towpreg wound composite structures. For this purpose, composite sample productions and their evaluations were conducted in two steps. In the first step, dry winding of carbon/epoxy towpregs was used to produce flat composite plates. Their evaluation was performed by rheological analysis, interlaminar shear tests, and unidirectional tensile tests. In the second step, towpre...
Fully Integrated Ultra-Low Voltage DC-DC Converter with Voltage Quadrupling LC Tank Oscillator for Energy Harvesting Applications
Jayaweera, H. M. P. C.; Tabrizi, Hamed Osouli; Muhtaroglu, Ali (2017-12-02)
This paper presents a novel fully integrated ultra-low voltage DC-DC converter and its multi-stage architecture. DC-DC converter frequency has been analytically derived using model analysis and validated in Cadence environment. The proposed voltage quadrupling LC tank oscillator eliminates the buffer circuits utilized in the traditional DC-DC converter, hence improves the performance metrics such as efficiency and output power capacity. The circuit was designed in 180nm standard CMOS process and was simulat...
Fully Integrated Ultra-Low Voltage Step-up Converter with Voltage Doubling LC-Tank for Energy Harvesting Applications
Jayaweera, H. M. P. C.; Pathirana, W. P. M. R.; Muhtaroglu, Ali (2015-12-04)
This paper reports the design, fabrication, and validation of a novel integrated interface circuit for ultra-low voltage step up converter in 0.18 mu m CMOS technology. The circuit does not use off-chip components. Fully integrated centre-tap differential inductors are introduced in the proposed LC oscillator design to achieve 38% area reduction compared to the use of four separate inductors. The efficiency of the system is hence enhanced through the elimination of clock buffer circuits traditionally utiliz...
Fully autonomous interface circuit for thermoelectric energy harvesting in wearable and IoT applications
Hamed, Osouli Tabrizi; Muhtaroğlu, Ali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2018-9)
IoT and wearable electronics are building blocks of the current and future monitoring technologies with numerous applications such as environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and smart buildings. Powering the IoT smart nodes is costly due to the existence of billions of these nodes in the technology roadmaps, and is not environmental friendly due to the use of chemical batteries with toxic substances. Eliminating batteries is therefore highly desirable. Full...
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S. Soyupak, “Mechanically aerated lagoons for Turkey.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.