On the Accuracy Analyses of a Class of 2-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulators

Ozsipahi, Mumin
Söylemez, Eres


On the relationship between lipid content of Calanus euxinus and dynamic activity of water mass in its environment
Yuneva, TV; Yunev, OA; Bingel, F; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Shul'man, GE (1999-12-01)
On Solving the Forward Kinematics of the 6-6 General Parallel Manipulator with an Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm
Rolland, Luc; Chandra, Rohitash (2010-07-08)
The G3-PCX genetic algorithm is compared with hybrid meta-heuristic approaches for solving the forward kinematics problem of the 6-6 general parallel manipulator. The G3-PCX shows improvements in terms of accuracy, response time and reliability. Several experiments confirm solving the given problem in less than 1 second. It also reports all the 16 unique real solutions which are verified by an exact algebraic method. This opens the way to simulation and certification applications.
On asymptotic properties of positive operators on Banach lattices
Binhadjah, Ali; Alpay, Şafak; Department of Mathematics (2006)
In this thesis, we study two problems. The first one is the renorming problem in Banach lattices. We state the problem and give some known results related to it. Then we pass to construct a positive doubly power bounded operator with a nonpositive inverse on an infinite dimensional AL-space which generalizes the result of [10]. The second problem is related to the mean ergodicity of positive operators on KBspaces. We prove that any positive power bounded operator T in a KB-space E which satisfies lim n!1 di...
On the minimization of total weighted flow time with identical and uniform parallel machines
Azizoğlu, Meral (1999-02-16)
We consider the NP-hard problem of scheduling jobs on identical parallel machines to minimize total weighted flow time. We discuss the properties that characterize the structure of an optimal solution, present a lower bound and propose a branch and bound algorithm. The algorithm is superior to prior methods presented in the literature. We also extend the algorithm to uniform parallel machines and solve medium-sized problem instances.
On the assessment of the effect of the anisotropy in in-situ stress on support pressure in tunnels
Osgoui, Reza. R. (2006-06-21)
This paper presents a newly empirical approach to estimate support pressure in rock tunnels. The new approach takes the rock mass quality (Geological Strength Index: GSI), the disturbance degree, the post-failure behavior, the size of tunnel, the state of in-situ stresses, and the squeezing-prone condition into consideration. A parametric study was, too, carried out using numerical analysis to investigate the influence of anisotropy in field stresses and the effect of the various shapes and sizes of tunnels...
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M. Ozsipahi and E. Söylemez, “On the Accuracy Analyses of a Class of 2-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulators,” 2015, vol. 31, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/40743.